Unique Cremation Ashes Jewellery

Our jewellery is the world’s first cremation ashes jewellery to bond your ashes with REAL gemstones for a beautiful, affordable alternative to glass or resin.

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What is the Ash-GemTM?

The Ash-GemTM is a unique way of including cremation ashes into jewellery using a bonding process developed by Artemis in 2016. Due to its versatility, it allows us to make real fine jewellery the same as you would expect to see in a normal high street jewellers but with a loved one’s or pet’s ashes locked safely inside.

No Glass. No Resin. More beautiful and durable. A true heirloom.

Each Ash-GemTM forms a tiny pattern unique to your material; a mosaic which can never be repeated and is protected and magnified by its bonded rock crystal or white sapphire to make the Ash-GemTM Rock Crystal or Ash-GemTM White Sapphire. The very nature of cremation ashes is that even the colour pigment is taken up differently for each sample and therefore each Ash-GemTM has a different tone of the base colour.

The net result is a beautiful gem as unique as your loved one. If others comment on your jewellery, you may choose to tell them about your Ash-GemTM, but if you don’t want to it simply appears as a beautiful and unique stone in a quality, well designed and elegant pendant which you can wear every day.

The Ash-Gem is suitable for all ashes, or even soil or sand from a grave or memorable place

It’s better for the planet too as it contains only materials that are mined as bi-products of other mining or are recycled

1. Precious metals are usually collected as a bi-product of mining other metals so their carbon footprint is comparatively low – mostly bullion provided to us here in the UK is recycled and therefore has little carbon footprint
2. Rock Crystal Quartz, the main natural stone we bond with the ashes, is also a bi-product of other mining
3. Unlike the average glass blowing furnace that would be used to create the glass to make this kind of jewellery, each of which produce the same carbon emissions as 70 cars produce each year, our process has a negligible carbon output
4. Resin, also used in keepsake jewellery, is plastic. To make each piece, there is a considerable amount of waste which is disproportional to the small amount used

With Ash-Gem we can offer a wide choice of well designed, handmade cremation ashes jewellery made from loved one’s ashes which serve as the most special of remembrances, keeping those we love close to our hearts and minds. We send guides on how you collect materials to you in your pack when you order. You can see our jewellery at our participating partners or by appointment at our offices in Newark-on-Trent, UK.

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