We regret that due to current safety concerns regarding Coronavirus we have suspended face to face meetings until further notice.

Additionally, in accordance to the government’s latest “stay at home” order (24th March 2020), we ask that you DO NOT bring ashes to us in person until the crisis is over. We can however send a collection pack to you as a part of our trips out as our post office is in the very near vicinity of the supermarket we use. These we currently do once weekly. However, we do understand that this presents its own risks which you should consider carefully before undertaking a trip out to post them back to us. In which case we ask that you DO NOT make a special trip out to post the parcel back to us, but include it in your one trip out per day for essential supplies by posting it within the corner shop or supermarket that you visit. Unless you have essential work travel which means you go near another post office, please do not take it to another location to avoid putting yourself and other people at risk.

These new restrictions are likely to cause delays in the manufacture and delivery of your jewellery to you. In this case, please note that our 4-6 week turnaround is suspended until normal living conditions resume. We will of course work to get your completed order to you as soon as we can, though we cannot estimate a time limit as our own supply chains have been severely obstructed by these new measures

If you wish to discuss anything with us regarding our products or the collection of ashes, please call us on 01636 611001.

Please understand, our clients’ safety and the safety of everyone is of paramount importance to reduce the spread of infection and the burden on our front line services. #staysafestaywell